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There is something magical in Lapland. Once you have visited it for the first time, you feel like you must get back soon. Northern Lights, Santa Claus and the amazing nature of Lapland are the main reasons for that.

Lapland is a region in the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, Norway and also Russia. Lapland in Finland is almost a third of the total area of the country. Although the area is large, the population is under 200 000 people. The highest peak in Lapland Finland is Halti (1324m), which is also the highest peak in the whole Finland. Lapland offers its visitors four seasons that very distinctly differ from one another. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter that takes up half the year provide you with the very best travel experiences when you take an open mind and clothing suitable for the time of year. Landscapes typical for Lapland other than the grand fell sceneries are the aapa bogs rich with birdlife, various hilly regions and expansive river waterways. The most common and best known animal is the reindeer that is an essential part of Lappish nature.

Lappish culture is a mixture of influences from every direction. The cultures of the neighbouring regions of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia have greatly influenced the Sámi culture and Finnishness. The cultural differences between Lapland’s different regions are rather significant. The Swedish influenced West Lapland district is worlds apart from the Sámi culture of North Lapland with completely different language and traditions.

The largest cities in Lapland are Rovaniemi, Kemi and Tornio. Rovaniemi is the largest city with just over 60 000 inhabitants. Lapland region is the largest and also the northernmost part of Finland. Lapland has borders with Sweden, Norway and Russia. Near the Kilpisjärvi is a point where borders of Finland, Sweden and Norway meet. Lapland is quite large area, totaling over square kilometers. In this large area lives under 200 000 people so there are lots of space for everyone. If you prefer the city life you should visit Rovaniemi, the biggest city in Lapland with 60 000 inhabitants. Rovaniemi is often called the heart of Lapland. It is actually almost in the centre of Lapland. Other big cities are Kemi and Tornio.

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